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Drain Repair & Replacement

Drain Repair London

Unfortunately excavations are sometimes required in order to fix damaged drainage systems or a particularly section, we will always assess all of the repair methods available when assessing the most cost effective and efficient way of keeping disruption to a minimum when recommended or planning these works on behalf of our customers with excavations only being advised upon when absolutely necessary.

The costs involved when repairing a drain in London will vary upon the extent of the damage within the drain and the depth of the drain itself but we always conduct our business operations with transparency and will provide an all in fixed price quotation before any works were to commence ensuring we have consulted with you to fully explain the repair process every step of the way by providing you with in depth information with regards to the method of repairing your drain, our safe system of works and any measures we need to take to mitigate from any environmental impact. 

Cracked, Collapsed & Damaged Drains

Pro-Drain specialises in repairs to cracked, collapsed and damaged drains. Whether your drain is of ceramic, clayware, plastic, or of old pitch fibre construction, we can solve any drain damage problems. The replacement of broken gullies or cast iron stack pipes is all in a day’s work for us, we have maintained an excellent reputation for successfully undertaking such works within the water research council guidelines and adherence to building regulations approved document H1 to H6 at London’s home and business properties over many years

If an excavation is unavoidable and deemed a necessity to repair a drain then rest assured we are more than competent and extremely experienced in that field and will strategically plan and professionally execute the drain replacement works throughout from the dig up to the reinstatement of surfaces in a safe manner and with cleanliness in mind, We are certified in the management of drain repairs and provide a fully guaranteed service.

Drain damage can occur for a number of reasons, perhaps due to damage from rodding, tree root ingress, ground movement, poor construction or perhaps third party damage from service cable installation. Whatever the cause or problem we can at the very least provide you with free advice and a no obligations quotation to undertake a drain repair or pipe replacement 

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Drain Replacement

Replacing a broken section of drain located within a damaged London drainage system will firstly require the location of the pipe to be located above ground so we know the excavation is going to be in the right place. We do this using our CCTV drain survey equipment, Once we have confirmed the location we will scan for any services that may be located beneath the excavation area so we are aware of any additional risks to ourselves or causing further damage at the property other than that of the drain pipe we are there to fix.

Our excavations are always carried out with caution and with the correct protective equipment, when we have uncovered the damaged section of pipework we will then cut either side to enable a clean removal and suitable connections for a brand new section of drainage to be installed. Having installed the new section we will first check the connections from within again using our drain camera system and if it's all looking good and perfectly aligned we will carry out a pressure test using air or water to ensure the new section is sealed before backfilling. After the backfilling of the excavation it's time to reinstate the excavated surface level with and to match the existing.

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