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A drain in dire need
of maintenance

Bags of Rubble

Cleared from Drain

Regular maintenance
would stop this happening

Effective Drain


Using Mechanical Scoop
for drain clearance

Solidified Waste

in Sink Trap

Common cause
of blocked sink

Encrusted Drain

Restricts Flow

In need of mechanical
cleaning & water jetting

Drain Maintenance London

Everything at some stage requires some form of maintenance including the drainage systems that discharge our waste water to the public sewers. Depending upon the usage of a drain, or drains, that the system serves, requirements for maintenance cleaning may be more regular, or of higher importance. For some businesses and organisations ensuring that preventative measures are taken to avoid disruption and problematic situations that can occur when a drain becomes blocked for example at a London hotel, restaurant, or a school is vital.

Drain Maintenance

Using both high pressure water jetting and electro mechanical methods of drain cleaning maintenance, we keep domestic and commercial properties drainage systems flowing. We provide a guaranteed service that assures our clients that the schedule we have tailored to the needs of the property and day to day usage, is cost effective and efficient in beating in preventing blockages and in some instances the risk of flooding. Furthermore, all of our drain maintenance plans are inclusive of unlimited blocked drain call outs that backs up our workmanship and professional techniques. 

Drain Maintenance for Business

Whether you're a domestic property owner looking to have the underground drains flushed through once yearly or your business and commercial property requires a fully guaranteed specific drain cleaning package that is fall proof we undertake a free site visit to advise our professional opinion upon the requirements. We also understand that for some businesses the undertaking of the drain maintenance cannot be carried out in normal working hours that's not a problem for us we do 24 hours and 365 days per year drain cleansing  in fact we serve many restaurants and hotels with an out of hours service.

We also provide London schools with scheduled pro-active drain cleaning within the half term and summer holiday periods that ensures the drains are free flowing and do not become blocked during the term by high pressure water jet cleaning all underground drains, electro mechanical cleaning of the kitchen waste pipes and emptying surface water gullies pots.

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Examples of Maintenance Requirements

  1. Overtime a cast iron drain or stack pipe will suffer from oxidisation caused encrustations to build up known as tuberculation this bacteria based growth on the inner walls will restrict the diameter and free flow of water causing snagging points and obstructions resulting in blockages.
  2. Urinal waste pipes and discharging underground drains are prone to the build up of uric acid calcium build up which hardens and to eventually close the pipe and effectively prevent it  from flowing which causes gurgling and overflowing urinal bowls.
  3. Kitchen waste pipes and underground drains will ultimately if left uncleaned have a build up of solidified cooking oils, grease and food waste inside which will be apparent if the sink drains slowly and gurgles upon emptying eventually the sink will not empty. Many commercial kitchens may also have a fat or grease trap that filters grey waste water which will also need to be periodically emptied to ensure they remain efficient and not become clogged up
  4. Laundry and washing machine waste pipes tend to become blocked with solidified detergent and some debris that escape the filter this build up causes blockages completely obstructing the free flow of water when the appliance is draining
  5. Hair salon drainage in particular however also domestic sink waste pipes, showers and bath drains will block due to a build up of hair.
  6. Surface water drainage systems and gullies are designed to trap silt and debris to prevent the deposits from entering main sewers which means unless the private system is cleaned and gully pots and u bend traps are emptied the silt and debris which is flushed in by the rain will continue to mound up until it causes blockages.

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