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Pro-Drain - The Company

Pro-Drain - A History

Pro-Drain Ltd was founded in 2004 by an experienced drainage engineer after becoming frustrated and restricted in employment at a larger drain company.

Recognising an opportunity to offer a fresh outlook and a new approach he went for it, building what you see today from scratch upon a foundation of professionalism and reliability.

Word of mouth marketing from our many satisfied customers is to this day still the driving force behind the company's growth. We will never be too big to care, nor too small to cope, by simply reminding ourselves of the original catalyst for our start up and the very reason we are where we are today still doing what we do best - Drains.

Pro-Drain - The Original

We are the original Pro-Drain Ltd. Don’t be fooled by our imitators or namesake(s). We are not a franchise and our engineers are not, and never will be, paid on a commission, or on a sales incentive basis. We operate with an unequivocally honest approach to ethics. Pro-Drain employed drainage engineers ultimate goals are to effectively deal with the job at hand and provide customer satisfaction when undertaking any drainage system works at your property.

As a professional drain company our reason for existing and operating within the drainage industry is to supply a refreshing alternative London drainage service that exceeds consumer expectations anything less would be seen as a failure on our part.

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Pro-Drain's Objectives

Our company objectives since our incorporation are set in stone and will not be deviated from, we are a successful London drain and sewer company based upon the merit of providing an efficient drain service and being of exemplary reputation within our industry .

  • We will provide fast, efficient and fairly priced drain services for London
  • We will provide honest and unbiased drainage system advise
  • We will deliver a high quality and professional standard of drain works that is always cost effective to our customers requirements. Superior quality for less = value for money
  • We will continue to be ahead of the curve by investing in the skill set of our drainage engineers and maintaining our safe working practices.
  • We will be constantly looking for ways to improve drain service techniques and develop new services in line with industry requirements that are beneficial to all of our customers.
  • We will continue to research and implement more environmentally friendly methods of conducting our business as a whole and when undertaking drainage system works.

Pro-Drain - Well Established

Pro-Drain are an established private limited London drain company providing solutions to any problematic drain scenario by utilising the wealth of drainage system knowledge we possess, the specialist drainage industry equipment we have to hand and the ability to apply our specialist techniques these are our assets and can only be acquired through years of experience servicing or repairing drains.     

Being a drain company based in Wembley, North West London, we are in a central location ideally located to provide a quick response time to all drainage emergencies and we provide a free call out service, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to domestic and commercial properties.


National Association of Drainage Contractor
Water Jetting Association
Gas Safe Register
Call 0208 819 1561 - NO CALL-OUT CHARGE